International requirements - examples of Integrated BIM

140320. 180 participants from all around the world joined the international conference “International requirements, examples of Integrated BIM” in Stockholm, 20th of March 2014. Speakers from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Germany, UK and US demonstrated how open BIM standards are used in their organizations.

Adam Matthews from BIM Task Group spoke about the United Kingdom government’s requirement on using BIM in both building construction and infrastructure projects.

“BIM is one of the major foundations of the UK H.M. Government construction strategy that was launched in 2011 and we are now one of the leading countries when it comes to unlocking the benefits of BIM. We are saving public money through adoption of the strategy and at the same time we get more and better buildings and infrastructure through a BIM enabled project life-cycle", says Matthews.

During the conference it became clear that BIM is bringing people from all over the world together in a common purpose of improving the construction sector with BIM. But it also became clear that there is more work to do to cover the whole life cycle of the built environment.

“We heard some examples today about how BIM is starting to inform the operations and maintenance phase, but it’s also important to talk about the start of a project – the briefing stage. If you brief better you get better outcome for the users of the assets and save costs at the same time. In the coming years we need to focus more on the whole life cycle of the built environment” according to Matthews.

There are good examples of BIM collaboration in the sector. During the day the Swedish Transport Administration and Rijkswaterstaat talked about how they work to shape the development of BIM for infrastructure. In the afternoon one track presented the EU project V-con, Virtual construction for Roads, and results from ongoing projects in several countries. For open BIM, IFC is today the most developed and open international standard for integrated BIM.

"There is so much activity right now - this is a really important moment for the industry. This conference is a good demonstration of how we can share knowledge and work together with BIM to improve the competitiveness of the construction sector” Matthews concludes.