International Conference

You, who want to understand, participate and benefit from the vast ongoing international shift within the construction and real estate industry today, do not miss this opportunity.



International requirements, examples on Integrated BIM

Thursday, 20 of March at KTH, Stockholm

We will present the business value when implementing open BIM standards. The speakers come from Sweden and abroad. International buildingSMART members from Norway, Finland, Holland, Germany, UK and US will participate and show how they use the open BIM standards in their organisations.

Listen to how the United Kingdom government’s requirement on using BIM in both building construction and infrastructure projects already 2016 will influence Sweden and Swedish development towards open BIM standards.

Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, and Rijkswaterstaat, their corresponding organisation in the Netherlands, influence the development of BIM for infrastructure. In the afternoon one track will present the EU project V-con, Virtual construction for Roads, and results from ongoing projects in several countries.

See how you can get BIM, Building Information Modelling – based on open standards to improve your business processes and collaborate with other companies. For open BIM, IFC is today the most developed and open international standard for integrated BIM.


Some highlights:

  • BIM for a nation – COBie as required and used in UK, Adam Matthews, Autodesk UK, and UK BIM Task Group - EU lead, Graham H Stewart, Ramböll UK, Dave Jellings, MD Solibri UK, buildingSMART UK advisory board, and Birgitta Foster, Director of Facilities Integration, US, buildingSMART Alliance, US
  • BIM for production – the New Karolinska Hospital, NKS
  • BIM for clients – BIM guidelines for five Swedish public clients
  • BIM for FM – Norwegian hospital client experiences of FM information exchange, FMie,  Inge Aarseth, Vestfold Hospital Trust, Norway
  • BIM for infrastructure – V-con, an EU project with the Swedish Transport administration and the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat aim for open BIM as result of the project
  • BIM in Finnish infrastructure projects – pilot project experiences

The afternoon is divided into two parallel sessions:
1. Buildings
2. Infrastructure

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Extra program in the evening:

The VDC of the Future. Martin Fischer, professor Stanford University and leading construction industry decision makers from US and Sweden present trends and developments. The evening is ended by an interactive panel discussion until 21.00. This session is free and sponsored by Veidekke, as they have Martin in Stockholm for their internal VDC training. The number of seats in the conference hall Q1 is limited to 250, and you have to register to attend. The session will start around 17.15 and end 21.00.

More information about the evening session


When: Thursday, 20 March, at 9.00 to 16.30 followed by mingle, snacks and something to drink. 

Location: KTH, Stockholm. Hall Q1, Osquldas väg 6

Language: English

Price and registration

  • For BIM Alliance Sweden and buildingSMART members:
    2 500 SEK plus VAT
  • For non BIM Alliance Sweden members:
    3 500 SEK plus VAT
  • For students:
    200 SEK plus VAT
  • For buildingSMART official representatives:

    The conference is free of charge for buildingSMART official representatives.
    Please write "official representative" in the fields for "billing information" when you register.

Registration is now closed.


During lunch and breaks, plus one hour after the conference software companies will have the opportunity to show their BIM tools.


You are welcome to contact us with questions, the display of products and services, etc


BIM Alliance Sweden, which is a member of buildingSMART Nordic, in collaboration with buildingSMART Nordic.

Facts - BIM Alliance Sweden
BIM Alliance Sweden is a nonprofit organization working for a better built environment  by maintaining un broken information flows in the design, construction and maintenance processes. Operations are financed by contributions from the members and work of members who are actively involved in networks, projects, workshops and seminars. BIM Alliance works for implementation, management and development of common open standards, processes, methods and tools, with the goal of best possible IT tools, and open standards are utilized to stimulate effective processes within the building society. BIM Alliance started in January 2014 through the merger of the former organizations OpenBIM, fi2 Facility management information and buldingSMART Sweden.

Facts - buildingSMART Nordic
buildingSMART Nordic is a chapter of the international organization buildingSMART International, see, where Denmark, Finland and Sweden are members. These national groups are carrying out activities in various domains, individually but also within the buildingSMART umbrella for projects of common interest. The BuildingSMART Nordic focuses mainly on the implementation of BIM/IFC standards in real projects, through common and national projects.